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The Future of Automated Food Packaging

February 10, 2015|BY: Rob Helmke

Food packaging production
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Automation is driving progress in virtually every product industry, and food packaging is no different. From more efficient manufacturing lines to more durable packaging materials, food automation is a promising frontier to lead us into the world of tomorrow.

Automated Food Packaging: Currently

The United States sees tens of thousands of new food products introduced yearly. With as many packaging differences as there are brands, there has to be constant innovation in the industry to keep up with the demand. Among other benefits, the increasing number of brands and packages has provided the food and drink packaging industry with the opportunity to be creative and unique at every turn.

By using automated processes, the money and effort expended by packaging companies can then be used to design efficient packaging that is durable, sustainable and highly marketable.

Have you noticed that food packaging has changed drastically, even in the last five years? It has. Traditional containers have been traded out for more ergonomic plastics that allow consumers to use all of the product. Thick, heavy plastics have been traded in for lightweight and equally as durable counterparts. Instead of buying lettuce in bags that might get lost in the refrigerator, we now enjoy stackable containers that let the greens breathe while keeping them front and center for us to use. All of these packaging options that we take for granted on a daily basis have been made better by the innovative minds behind the automated food packaging industry.

Automated Food Packaging: The Future

With ever evolving tastes and a desire to eat more healthfully, the food packaging industry is meeting the need to create innovative designs that provide foods with a longer shelf life while cutting back the need to use preservatives.

Incorporating more automated functionality into the food packaging industry could potentially open doors to new ideas that have not even yet been imagined. If we sound excited about the future, it’s because we are. The industry is now reaching a point where machinery can juggle the various needs of multiple packaging lines all at the push of a button. One day, they may even be able to create solutions for products without the input of a technician.

Improving the efficiency of automated food packaging will naturally make the packaging process more sustainable while simultaneously meeting the needs of the consumer base. All of the small advances we are taking today will likely lead to the ability of the industry to invest more in a high-level workforce, one that can focus their efforts on making meaningful changes while maintaining a profitable daily output level.

While we are a few years away from the integration of more efficient, new and sustainable technologies, the outlook remains positive. It is likely that we’ll start to see plant reinventions and manufacturing progress improve more rapidly in the near future.