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Tamper-Evident Packaging and Functionality

April 19, 2019|BY: Rob Helmke

Tamper Evident Packaging Seal
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What is tamper-evident packaging? It may seem like the name explains itself, but it has a few essential characteristics as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration that give tamper-evident packaging its unique identity:

· This packaging prevents unauthorized unwrapping by using at least one (and possibly more) barriers

· It’s impossible to access the container without disturbing the barrier—tampering the barrier in any way leaves obvious damage

· Barriers must be hard to duplicate and made of materials not easily accessible to the public

· The packaging includes instructions for the consumer, telling them how to detect package tampering (this often takes the form of printed labels saying things like, “Do not use if seal is broken or missing”)

Those characteristics make tamper-evident packaging a little different than tamper-resistant packaging. Although tamper-resistant packaging also impedes package intrusion, tamper-evident packaging makes it completely clear if any protective seals or coverings were broken.

Chances are, you come in contact with tamper-evident packaging on a daily basis—many industries use it to ensure the safety of their products. Here, we explore some of the benefits and uses of tamper-evident packaging.

Benefits of Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper evident packaging comes with many benefits for both companies and consumers. Some advantages include:

· Reduces the risk of damaged goods: Shipping and handling can be rough—a handler may drop a crate, or products may fall. Tamper-evident packaging helps contain the product and prevent the accidental opening of a package, which in turn prevents wasted products and lost revenue.

· Promotes safety: Consumers know not to purchase an item that has been previously opened—when they see a broken or damaged tamper-evident package, they’re tipped off that the package’s contents may have been altered in some way.

· Builds customer loyalty: Consumers appreciate your care and attention to detail. When customers know they can trust your products and packaging, they’re more likely to return to you in the future.

Types of Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging are both used extensively in industries like pharmaceuticals, beauty, and food and beverage processing. Some of the most common types of tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging include:

· Blister packs: Over-the-counter medications are often sold in foil blister packs, and if the product has been tampered with, the broken foil is obvious.

· Shrink bands: This plastic wrapping is sealed over containers with a lid or cap, like ice cream containers, beverage bottles, or pasta sauce jars.

· Shrink seals: This is common for pasta sauce and other products in jars. The lid releases a “pop” sound (and pops up in the center) when opened; if it doesn’t make this sound, you’ll know the container’s been opened before.

· Heat induction seals: These airtight seals on plastic or glass containers are installed under jar lids and similar devices to prevent contamination. Look for them on peanut butter jars and protein powder tubs.

· Breakable rings: The plastic ring is connected to the lid and breaks to release the cap when you twist the top. These rings commonly appear as bottled soda caps and other beverages.

· Individual wrapping: Granola bars and other snacks are often individually wrapped inside a box. Not only is this convenient for the consumer, it’s also a way to ensure the product’s safety even if the box is somehow damaged.

· Sealed metal cans: Many carbonated and alcoholic beverages are sold in cans that must be opened with a pull tab, making it readily apparent if they’ve been tampered with before the sale.

· Security tape: Great for sending boxes and protecting crates and envelopes, security tape often has words on it (or leaves words on the package) to make it clear if it has been removed and reapplied.

How Tamper-Evident Packaging Can Help Your Business

Tamper-evident packaging is an easy way to add value to what you offer. It protects both your products and your customers, building their trust in you as you build your company. Whether you need packaging for food or other consumer products, let us know how we can help.