Extend your product’s shelf life, while preserving freshness with custom thermoformed packages.

We serve both the food processing and food service industries. Whether you need a grab-and-go snack package or a high pressure processing (HPP) package for hummus, we have experience designing custom solutions that keep your food product safe and fresh.

Our design group creates custom solutions that factor in the following concerns, when appropriate:

  • Preserving freshness
  • sealing
  • protection from impact, crushing, bruising
  • presentation
  • grab-and-go
  • easy-open
  • portion control
  • HPP
  • and more

We have expertise with one-piece and two-piece designs, shelf-stable packages, leak-resistant and tamper-evident packaging.

Plastic Ingenuity has SQF Level III Certification at all U.S. facilities.

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