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Three Characteristics of an Industry-Leading Packaging Partner

May 7, 2012|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom thermoformed thin gauge rigid medical device packaging with safe edge
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Maintaining quality control is an essential part of any business operation. The same is true when choosing a packaging solution for your products. Selecting a packaging company with a solid reputation for durability, reliability and innovation can go a long way toward impressing customers and pleasing distributors. All three of these characteristics are necessary in order to create the ideal packaging solution for your product. Here’s why they matter so much.


Plastic PackagingPackage integrity is vital to creating the best possible impression on your customers. No matter how great it looks or how eye-catching the design may be, a packaging solution that doesn’t hold together and protect its contents from factory to showroom floor has failed in its primary purpose. Packaging solutions from firms like Plastic Ingenuity are designed to stand up to the stresses and impacts of transport and arrive looking as good as they did when they started.


In many cases, getting your product to market first can mean the difference between success and failure for a particular product line. Many packaging companies specialize in getting your packaging solution into production faster, thanks to a vertically integrated system. Because they control all aspects of the packaging process, these firms can go from the initial design phase to the final packaging product faster, letting you get the edge on your competition.


Companies like Plastic Ingenuity have been industry leaders in developing new packaging methods and innovative new products, like SafeEdge packaging for medical applications, which helps to keep instrument trays and other materials sterile. These innovative companies put these same cutting-edge ideas about packaging to work to ensure that your products arrive in retail outlets in pristine condition. From cell phones to pharmaceuticals, the right packaging can make a big difference in public perception; get the winning edge with product packaging that is durable, reliable and innovative.