In-house Design

  • We produce results quickly with a design team of 13 senior engineers, with an average tenure of ~24 years.
  • Our design team brings diverse perspectives, with experts in engineering, automation, and visual aesthetics, to collaborate with you during our ideation sessions.
  • Two graphic designers can provide graphic support during ideation to help you and your team visualize your finished package.
  • We do everything in-house. We never subcontract out concepts, sketches, prototypes, or any other part of the thermoforming process, so we maintain control of your project from start to finish, in order to get better results faster.

Automation Consulting

  • We offer automation consulting at no charge to help our customers who are investing in custom packaging equipment optimize their process.
  • We’ve helped consult on the design of equipment for automated filling lines, consumer goods blister cards, modified atmospheric pressure (MAP), and high pressure processing (HPP).


  • We have three team members who develop prototypes full time.
  • Our prototype process is collaborative. We work with our customers to produce multiple concept sketches and narrow them down to the best option.
  • We can also provide 3D visual merchandising at no extra charge to make sure your products will work in retail settings.
  • We can do rapid prototyping with 3D-printed molds.
  • Our lead times for time-sensitive projects are unsurpassed by any thermoformer.

Flexibility & Control

  • We extrude our own material. We have 18 different extrusion lines in three different locations, capable of producing 15 different materials, with a wide material thickness range.
  • High speed inline thermoforming capabilities from rail car to finished goods.
  • We build our own thermoforming machines: We add or upgrade 3-to-5 lines each year, and do all maintenance in-house. We routinely repair and update machines to keep them equipped with the latest technology.
  • We build our own tools. We have 33 full-time mold makers, each with an average tenure of 24.5 years.
  • We operate 24 hours per day Monday through Friday.


  • Class 8 Clean Room
  • SQF Level III
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485