How to achieve total enclosure, high visibility, and high security with clamshell packaging.

Plastic Clamshell PackagingClamshell packaging is unique because of its hinged, one-piece design. This has several advantages for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Total Enclosure

Clamshell packaging provides total enclosure for the product inside without separate lids or backings. This means that the entire package is one piece, and can be manufactured using only one tool.

Highly Visible

This type of plastic packaging is typically made using high-clarity materials, like PET or ultra-clear PVC. This means the product inside can be made highly visible from different angles, so the consumer can pick up the package and take a good look.

Highly Secure

This type of plastic packaging can be made highly secure, allowing manufacturers to package highly valuable products, like memory cards, digital cameras, and cell phones, while minimizing the risk of tampering or theft. Ultimately, while clamshell packaging may require a secondary seal to perfect the closure, it is a highly versatile and secure type of plastic packaging that is perfect for retail.

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