Custom plastic food packaging can take a variety of different forms depending on your needs, but no matter what, you need to work with a packaging manufacturer that can process one-of-a-kind projects.

Best Packaging for Your Product

For example, food that can be crushed in shipping and storage, like baby spinach, may benefit from a rigid clamshell design that protects its contents. Food designed to be shared, like a cheese platter, may be better suited to a tray design that holds different items in different cavities. Your packaging manufacturer may be able to recommend the type of plastic food packaging best for your specific product.

custom plastic food containers twist and lock

Stock Packaging

If you’re interested in customizing stock packaging, like takeout containers for a restaurant, talk to your packaging manufacturer to see if they can customize products like these. Emblazoning your restaurant’s logo on its stock takeout packaging, for example, may be a cost-friendly alternative to fully customized packaging.

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