• Recycle 100% of recyclable materials in all operations
  • Closed loop extrusion and production scrap reprocessing means no landfilling of waste plastics
  • Member of the Wisconsin DNR Green Tier program
  • Replaced our lighting with high-efficiency LEDs with motion-sensor activation, which reduced energy consumption by 66%
  • Heat our warehouses with the excess heat produced in thermoforming
  • Closed-loop water cooling system means no water drawn out of municipal water system
  • Advise clients on environmentally friendly packaging options


  • Bio-materials — we’re always researching and developing more sustainable and/or biodegradable materials to find options that meet the rigorous requirements of our high-quality packaging
  • Runoff control — Working toward capturing all storm-water runoff in rain gardens to avoid impacting a world-class trout stream 100 feet outside our Cross Plains facility
  • Energy independence — We installed 50 200-watt rooftop photovoltaic solar panels in Cross Plains
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  • 2018-11-25