Sensitive medical devices require extra care and protection during pack-out, storage, and transportation.

Plastic Ingenuity provides the highest-quality medical device packaging available, and can manufacture custom medical packaging to our customers' precise specifications, ensuring that these delicate instruments are well packaged and protected during sterilization, storage, shipment, and delivery.

Because every aspect of medical packaging requires a discerning attention to detail, PI provides complete control of our manufacturing process to ensure compliance. This allows PI's customers a greater degree of flexibility and control over the various elements of their custom medical device packaging during the design, approval, and manufacturing phases associated with medical packaging projects.

PI is our go-to supplier—especially if a short lead time is critical, because we can't afford to do it again.
— Supply Chain Manager at Rexam Pharma


Medical-Grade Quality

Plastic Ingenuity's medical packages are manufactured in a medical clean room that has been certified to ISO Class 8 standards, ensuring precision with minimal contamination.

To further ensure that the medical packaging process is accomplished with the least interference from the environment and particles, our team of engineers have developed and implemented an advanced proprietary trimming system that traps and eliminates any foreign bodies produced during the trimming process. This ensures medical-grade precision suitable for the medical industry. A byproduct of our efficient processes also results in reduced costs for our customers.

Product Lines

Plastic Ingenuity provides a wide array of medical packaging supplies including blister packs, clamshells, and standard medical trays.

This wide array allows our customers the flexibility they need to handle their most challenging packaging requirements. Additionally, PI offers custom medical and surgical trays, orthopedic device packaging, diabetes testing kit packages, and unit-dose packages. PI's custom medical device packaging is easy to open, helping to reduce injuries and save time in medical treatment environments. Because Plastic Ingenuity maintains control over every step of the packaging design and manufacturing process, we provide our customers with responsive and flexible service and customized solutions that fit their exact needs.

Advanced Processes


Plastic Ingenuity uses clean-room facilities and medical-grade materials to ensure high-quality, hygienic medical packaging products.

PI's ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) clean room is designed specifically to meet the needs of medical and pharmaceutical packaging. This clean room features a custom material handling and trimming system, positive pressurization, and HEPA filtration for maximum particle control and purification. Additionally, customers can choose among HIPS, PVC, PETG, and other custom materials for use in manufacturing their medical packaging supplies, allowing unparalleled control at every stage of the process from design to delivery.