Plastic packaging often involves moving parts. Thermoforming polypropylene allows us take advantage of the unique properties of this plastic and create superior packaging through plastic thermoforming.

At Plastic Ingenuity, we adhere to a higher standard of packaging design. In addition to maintaining clean rooms for our medical clients and conducting our business in an eco-friendly manner, we are constantly looking for new ways to create innovative packaging through plastic thermoforming. A great number of our packages, like soap dishes for the cosmetics industry, include hinges made by thermoforming polypropylene. The molecules of this strong, versatile plastic lie in straight lines, making them ideal for the production of reusable plastic hinges and other moving parts.

Mobile and durable: thermoformed polypropylene has a number of unique properties

In addition to creating moving parts like hinges, this plastic has a number of additional properties that make it quite popular in the plastic thermoform packaging industry. It holds color well, so we often thermoform polypropylene for colorful packaging, especially when it comes to packaging for cosmetics. It is incredibly strong at any thickness, making it a popular choice for plastic sheeting, office supplies, and more. Best of all, while it is strong, it is also somewhat flexible, which makes it less prone to cracks and damage than other types of plastic.

We provide plastic thermoform services across several industries.

Plastic is the most useful, versatile man-made material on the planet, and the preferred packaging medium for several industries. Plastic Ingenuity produces quality packaging through plastic thermoforming across a number of industries. We make:

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We don't limit our plastic line to polypropylenewe extrude several different types of plastic to meet our clients' needs. To learn more, contact our packaging engineers.