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Plastic Ingenuity Celebrates 10 Years as a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified company.

August 25, 2022|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom Thermoforming Lids
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Plastic Ingenuity Celebrates 10 Years as a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified company.

The Safe Quality Food certification is a vitally important standard in the custom food packaging industry. As an SQF-certified company since December 2011, PI values the importance of food safety and believes it to be a crucial consideration for the packaging process. Here, we’ve outlined the definition of the SQF standard, as well as the advantages of using an SQF-certified company for your plastic packaging.

What is the SQF Standard?

SQF is a standard that “incorporates fundamental food safety controls…(to) indicate a comprehensive implementation of food safety and quality management systems,” according to the SQF Institute. The SQF certification, endorsed by the Global Food Safety initiative, creates a consistent guideline to ensure consumers that food is safe to eat.

Advantages of Working with an SQF Certified Company

Working with an SQF-certified packaging company can ultimately prove to be highly beneficial for your business. Here are some of the many advantages of working with a company that has the SQF certification:

  • Save Time and Money: When packaging your food products, you’ll need to adhere to the SQF certification. By choosing a packaging company that is already SQF-certified, you can make your packaging process that much easier. You’ll ultimately be saving time and money searching for, and spending on annual third party auditing services.
  • Consistent Quality Control: Consistency is crucial for every SQF production run for your products. If you work with an outside company to run an audit on your plastic food packaging, you could be at risk for inconsistency. By having your packaging company complete the SQF audits, you can rest-assured your products have been properly evaluated.
  • Total Traceability: When you work with an SQF-certified packaging company, you can trace an SQF project from beginning to end. From the inputs, including the resin, regrind and cooling stages, to suppliers, you’ll get a detailed report of your project status.
  • Prevent Hazard Protection: Companies should consistently think one step ahead in terms of food safety and protection. By making sure your packaging meets SQF standards, your company can work toward proactively preventing any safety or sanitation issues
  • Enhances Trust From Buyers: If a company doesn’t have a proven track record of food safety, they may be less likely to purchase from them. An SQF certification lets consumers know the company is providing sanitary food that’s safe for consumption.