Creating custom packaging to satisfy clients on the production and consumption sides.

Unusual product design? Upcoming launch date? We’ve got you covered!

Introducing a new product, or repackaging an old product, is a difficult process. In addition to finalizing the product design, you need to organize a marketing campaign, hire a graphic designer to design inserts, hire translators to work on informational packets, and, on top of everything else, create plastic packaging that will showcase and protect your new product. None of this is easy, but custom packaging from Plastic Ingenuity will give you one less thing to worry about.

Why custom packaging?

Every product has a unique shape, design, color, and capability. Product packaging for a mobile device will be dramatically different from packaging for eye shadow, yet Plastic Ingenuity can produce customized packaging for both. By consulting frequently with you regarding the dimensions and fragility of your project, our design specialists will develop a custom packaging design that is sure to please you and your clients alike. As soon as you approve our prototype, we will be able to begin production on your custom packaging at our own facilities. It’s that simple!

Plastic Packaging Capabilities

Plastic Ingenuity produces a number of unique, custom packaging solutions, so you should never hesitate to approach us regarding a packaging challenge. Some packaging solutions we have manufactured in the past include:

  • Clamshell packaging
  • Blister packs
  • Plastic trays
  • Eco-friendly plastic
  • Electronics packaging
  • Medical device packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • More!

Contact an experienced packaging company

If your company is in need of a custom packaging solution, look no further! Contact Plastic Ingenuity today or call us at (608) 798-3071 to consult with one of our plastic packaging specialists.