Our packaging engineers, in conjunction with Team Technologies Molding, created a packaging solution this package for Help Remedies that and contains over-the-counter medications.

Help Remedies, a pharmaceutical company, needed an innovative packaging design that met pharmaceutical packaging requirements and offered an attractive option packaging for retail.

Packaging Features:

As a leading thermoformer, our team of engineers and design specialists worked hand-in-hand with Team Technologies Molding to develop a custom packaging solution for Help Remedies’ products.

The thermoformed packaging, designed with pharma packaging in mind, is an environmentally friendly packaging option that is both safe and has shelf appeal for consumers. The unique packaging design not only offers a convenient way to store medications, it also mimics the product with a distinct embossing for easy identification.

This custom packaging uses thermoformed parts along with injection molded parts. Each single package uses two thermoformed molded fiber parts. The injection molded outer band has a hinge and a snap closure, ensuring easy opening and protection of the product.

The thermoformed portions of the product are made from recycled paper, while the injection molded portion derives from blended PSM Material. The molded fiber portions of the package are 100% compostable.

Besides being environmentally friendly, it offers easy storage and accessibility options. The size provides convenience for customers to store in a carry on, purse, or glove box, making it a great packaging for retail. The design also is reusable if desired.

As a customized packaging solution, this package also has different form features for the different products. On the front of the package, the thermoformed part has embossing that mimics the physical size of the products inside. There is embossing of the actual size of the pills, and likewise for the bandages.

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