Creative. Efficient. Flexible.

Plastic Ingenuity’s seven-step packaging process ensures that every project we do is treated with care and attention.

Packaging Processa

This consistent approach to the development and manufacturing of thermoformed packaging allows PI to provide the highest-quality products and services for our customers.

  1. Customer Needs: PI examines the requirements of the customer and suggests improvements or cost-saving opportunities that could improve the end result for the customer.
  2. Product Design: PI designs and develops a packaging solution customized specifically for the customer’s unique needs and submits it to the customer for approval.
  3. Prototype Sample: upon approval of the design, PI creates a prototype so the customer can see precisely what the package will look like when complete.
  4. Mold and Tool Building: PI designs and builds the necessary molds and tools in-house and maintains sufficient tolerances on the components to ensure that the packaging product is manufactured accurately and efficiently.
  5. Sheet Extrusion: PI’s on-site sheet extrusion processes give us control over the quality and materials used in each project. Furthermore, this expertise allows us to help advise our customers on what are the most appropriate materials for each job.
  6. Thermoforming: heat, air pressure, plug pressure, and mold pressure are used to produce plastic parts to the exact specifications required for the customer’s product. This is the final step in the packaging process for Plastic Ingenuity engineers.
  7. Delivery to Customers: after a final quality control check according to appropriate inspection schedules, PI makes delivery to its thermoforming customers.

Packaging Processa

Because of its vertically integrated structure, Plastic Ingenuity controls virtually all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. This control helps provide improved turnaround times for PI’s customers and allows PI to actively seek innovative new ways to improve our products and processes.