Quality AssuranceAt Plastic Ingenuity, we know that, in order to produce the highest quality food and pharmaceutical packaging, we must employ impeccable quality control standards. Extruding our own sheets gives us complete control and traceability, and we are constantly in communication with our customers’ quality control staffs to create processes to meet each of their unique specifications.

  • ISO 9001: 2008 Certified
  • Perform many PPAP requirements
  • Coordinate measuring machines which measure to one ten-thousandths of an inch
  • Electronic measuring devices
  • Statistical process control


  • Help team members determine customer requirements and ensure complete understanding
  • Create specifications and procedures to ensure parts shipped exceed our customers’ expectations

Tasks Performed

  • Testing to determine all parts meet specifications
  • Create new tests as needed
  • Repair and recalibrate equipment as needed
  • Experienced in ESD requirements and measurements