Plastic Ingenuity helps its customers present their products in the most favorable light—not only to consumers, but to retailers who stock and sell their products. We take into account the retail stocking and restocking processes that can affect product placement and resulting sales.Titan.jpg

The retail marketplace is highly competitive and diverse. As a result, it presents unique challenges for manufacturers. PI helps customers ensure that they get the most advantageous treatment by retailers throughout the process.

Additionally, PI’s durable and easy-to-open retail packaging products are designed in such a way as to limit damage to the package and the encased product during storage, transit, and delivery. Furthermore, PI’s custom designs also help reduce pilferage of the customers’ products and provide added value to consumers by reducing the effort needed to open the products after purchase.

Product Placement & Packaging

At Plastic Ingenuity, we’ve done the research on how retailers determine product placement. Our retail packaging solutions are designed to fit on peg hooks or sit on shelves easily, and with clear visibility of both the product and the graphics card.

With superior response time PI controls virtually all aspects of the process in order to provide faster responses for our customers. Plastic Ingenuity provides this rapid response to give companies the edge in this ever-changing marketplace. Prototypes and samples can be made available within one week, and full production can start as soon as three weeks after the first contact with the customer. 

Our highly visible retail packaging products offer a combination of outstanding protection and eye appeal for consumers. This can enhance branding efforts and increase sales due to the improved visibility our custom retail packaging can provide.

Packaging for the Cosmetics Industry

Packaging for Cosmetics

Cosmetics packaging presents unique challenges.

Cosmetics companies require the ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and current trends if they want to succeed in this highly volatile market. Plastic Ingenuity offers cosmetic packaging solutions that provide maximum visibility for products and graphics cards while remaining compatible with common retail shelving patterns.


Cosmetic Packaging


Cosmetic Packaging Supplies

PI offers a wide range of custom-thermoformed product lines including: blister packs, clamshell packaging, gift set solutions, and a variety of trays to provide additional visibility and shelving options for retailers.

Additionally, PI can produce pallet solutions for club stores and custom color matching to improve brand recognition. Unlike other cosmetic packaging suppliers, Plastic Ingenuity offers companies a choice of materials in order to comply with existing green tech policies or other special requirements for the products in question. PI’s extrusion capabilities gives the company tight control over lead times and product availability, which provides additional benefits to PI’s cosmetics customers.

In addition to producing a superior quality product for cosmetic packaging, preserving the environment is central to Aveda’s mission. Our leadership stance on materials-use issues can sometimes present challenges to suppliers. PI has been a terrific partner to us—they fully understand the unique nature of our business and strive to meet, and in many cases exceed, our expectations.”

—Deb Darling, Director Package Development, AVEDA

Consumer Electronics

We've taken great care in establishing processing procedures that measure the surface resistivity of finished products, as well as implemented static dissipative systems to eliminate static part loading. Our consumer electronics solutions include shipping trays, component trays, part trays, and clamshells.


We utilize the latest in technology—from robotics and automation, to 3D imaging and prototype modeling—to provide our customers with solutions that meet their specific needs. Our experience allows us to foresee and prevent potential problems before they develop, and our vertically integrated systems give us complete control over all aspects of the value chain including design, tooling, extrusion, and thermoforming.

Core Technology Capabilities

  • ISO 9001: 2000 Certified
  • ESD Materials
  • Traceability
  • Static Reduction Procedures
  • Dust Control
  • Surface Resistivity Testing
  • Tight Tolerance Trim Capabilities—Ideal for Auto Feed Processes
  • PVC, PET, PETG, CPET, PP, HIPS, Bio-Resin Materials
  • State-Of-The-Art Clean Trim Procedures
  • Matched Metal and Steel Rule Die Trimming
  • High and Low Volume Production Runs
  • Industry-Leading Quality Specifications
  • Superior Product Integrity
  • Heat Seal Tooling
  • Short Lead-Times
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Vertically Integrated Operations

Cell Phones

Plastic Ingenuity designs and manufactures cell phone packaging solutions that both protect the valuable contents of the package and provide shelf appeal for the consumer.

Because the cell phone marketplace is constantly changing, we adapt to new developments to provide the best and fastest solutions for our customers. Advanced processing techniques and streamlined manufacturing workflows ensure that we are flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers. Vertical integration allows us to control everything from fabricating the tools used in our machines, to extruding the raw material used in our thermoforming process, to producing the thermoformed parts.

The technology sector is a rapidly evolving industry. New devices are released daily, which makes finding proper plastic packaging a top priority for most technology firms. Find out how Plastic Ingenuity is changing the game with cell phone packaging here!

Ingenious Design

Ingenious Design

Plastic Ingenuity incorporates an EasyOpen design in much of its mobile phone packaging solutions.

Tamper-evident and secure, the EasyOpen packages require no sharp insturments for opening. This package functionality can directly correlate to improved brand image: by making the packaging safer and easier to open, cell phone manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and safety in a concrete, material way.

Flexible Scheduling

Because all elements of the manufacturing process are done by Plastic Ingenuity, PI offers superior flexibility to our customers.

PI can produce designs for review within as little as three days time. Prototypes and samples can be available within one week, and full production can start as soon as three weeks after the first contact with the customer. This rapid response time provides additional flexibility for customers in the highly competitive mobile phone marketplace.

Retail Display

At Plastic Ingenuity, we understand the way retailers display mobile phones, and produce cell phone packaging designed to take full advantage of these arrangements.

PI’s streamlined cell phone packaging solutions are designed specifically to complement the most common planogram layouts and to take up as little space as possible, allowing retailers to more easily display a larger quantity of products in the same retail area. PI’s smart phone packaging is equally streamlined for easy display even when multiple accessories are included in the package.

Graphic Card Inserts

During the design process, we work directly with our customers to determine the optimal size and location of the custom graphics cards that are the key to attracting customers.

By incorporating this card layout planning into the design phase, Plastic Ingenuity can ensure optimum fit and easy assembly during the sealing process. This allows our customers to present a professional appearance to consumers and a clean end product.

Core Capabilities

Core Capabilities

PI offers its customers the latest technologies for manufacturing.

These technologies include prototype modeling, 3D imaging, and robotics applications. PI is ISO 9001-2000 certified and features the following:

  • Static and dust control measures
  • Tight tolerance trim and clean trim procedures
  • Heat-seal tooling techniques
  • Vertical integration of operations
  • Surface resistivity
  • Availability of PVC, PP, PET, PETG, CPET, HIPS, and bio-resin materials.

Plastic Ingenuity’s advanced manufacturing processes allow us to offer equal quality in both high-volume production and small test-marketing runs. PI excels at providing short lead times and added flexibility for our customers. PI’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that we provide the most comprehensive and highest-quality mobile phone packaging solutions available on the market today.