Plastic Ingenuity helps its customers present their products in the most favorable light—not only to consumers, but to retailers who stock and sell their products. We take into account the retail stocking and restocking processes that can affect product placement and resulting sales.Titan.jpg

The retail marketplace is highly competitive and diverse. As a result, it presents unique challenges for manufacturers. PI helps customers ensure that they get the most advantageous treatment by retailers throughout the process.

Additionally, PI’s durable and easy-to-open retail packaging products are designed in such a way as to limit damage to the package and the encased product during storage, transit, and delivery. Furthermore, PI’s custom designs also help reduce pilferage of the customers’ products and provide added value to consumers by reducing the effort needed to open the products after purchase.

Product Placement

At Plastic Ingenuity, we’ve done the research on how retailers determine product placement. Our retail packaging solutions are designed to fit on peg hooks or sit on shelves easily, and with clear visibility of both the product and the graphics card.

Our highly visible retail packaging products offer a combination of outstanding protection and eye appeal for consumers. This can enhance branding efforts and increase sales due to the improved visibility our custom retail packaging can provide.