Packaging for the Cosmetics Industry

As one of the most diverse product areas, the shelf appeal of cosmetics packaging can significantly influence the success of a particular product or line.

Packaging for Cosmetics

Cosmetics packaging presents unique challenges.

Cosmetics companies require the ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and current trends if they want to succeed in this highly volatile market. Plastic Ingenuity offers cosmetic packaging solutions that provide maximum visibility for products and graphics cards while remaining compatible with common retail shelving patterns.

Superior Response Time

From initial design to final product roll out, Plastic Ingenuity serves as a partner in creating innovative and appealing cosmetic packaging products.

PI controls virtually all aspects of the process in order to provide faster responses for our customers. Plastic Ingenuity provides this rapid response to give companies the edge in this ever-changing marketplace. Prototypes and samples can be made available within one week, and full production can start as soon as three weeks after the first contact with the customer. This rapid response time provides additional flexibility for customers in this rapidly evolving market. By rolling out new product lines first, companies can establish a reputation for cutting-edge products and ahead-of-the-curve innovation.

Cosmetic Packaging


Cosmetic Packaging Supplies

PI offers a wide range of custom-thermoformed product lines including: blister packs, clamshell packaging, gift set solutions, and a variety of trays to provide additional visibility and shelving options for retailers.

Additionally, PI can produce pallet solutions for club stores and custom color matching to improve brand recognition. Unlike other cosmetic packaging suppliers, Plastic Ingenuity offers companies a choice of materials in order to comply with existing green tech policies or other special requirements for the products in question. PI’s extrusion capabilities gives the company tight control over lead times and product availability, which provides additional benefits to PI’s cosmetics customers.

In addition to producing a superior quality product for cosmetic packaging, preserving the environment is central to Aveda’s mission. Our leadership stance on materials-use issues can sometimes present challenges to suppliers. PI has been a terrific partner to us—they fully understand the unique nature of our business and strive to meet, and in many cases exceed, our expectations.”

—Deb Darling, Director Package Development, AVEDA