Vertical Integration

Efficient supply chain management relies on strong partnerships with suppliers, as well as a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. Our greatest strength is our vertically integrated systems. In–house sheet extrusion, design, tool/mold building, engineering, thermoforming, and design and distribution planning allow PI exceptional flexibility, responsiveness, and control throughout all phases of a project. In addition, our years of experience have made us extremely proficient at evaluating our customers’ forecasts to better manage their inventory levels. Also, in the event real-time inventory controls are needed, we can efficiently implement those systems.

They truly are a partner. Some from the purchasing department only look at the bottom line. I fought hard to keep PI because of all the added value. Some in purchasing don’t see the added value.

—Packaging Engineer
Large Consumer Products Company

Supply Chain Management Capabilities

  • Strategic partnerships with raw material suppliers
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing system
  • Lean manufacturing to reduce inventory holding costs
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Strategic warehouse locations
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Full product tracking
  • Secure warehousing of products
  • Batch releases
  • Superior on-time delivery