Plastic Ingenuity created an eco-friendly custom packaging solution for a candle manufacturer that makes refills for candle holders. Aveda needed product packaging for its candle refills that would be environmentally friendly yet secure, so we used recycled materials to create custom packaging.

Packaging Features:

When Aveda needed small, inexpensive and environmentally friendly product packaging for its candle refills, we used R-PET plastic to thermoform the ideal custom solution.

Aveda manufactures candles that come in decorative glass containers, as well as refills in the same size. This increases brand loyalty, allowing consumers to continue buying the same candles without the expense of replacing their glass containers each time. To preserve the integrity of the refills, Aveda needed an easy-to-open plastic packaging solution that was higher quality and more secure than shrink wrapping.

Cost and eco-friendliness were major priorities in the design of this product packaging. The candle refills are engineered as a low-cost alternative to buying a candle in a new glass vessel, meaning that this highly disposable package had to be inexpensive without generating much waste.

We created custom packaging for the candle refills using R-PET, reprocessed PET plastic that uses post-industrial regrind in the manufacturing process. PET is one of the most practical plastics for recycling, as demonstrated by R-PET products like these—with strength and clarity comparable to PET, this environmentally-friendly material is perfect for applications like this one.

To make this plastic packaging as user-friendly as possible, our team engineered it around the shape of the candle, keeping it snug while allowing the consumer to easily remove it for placement inside their glass holder. With a removable lid, this packaging also allows consumers to sample the candle’s fragrance before buying.

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