Flonase, a well established intra-nasal allergy relief spray that has been providing relief to patients and is known for its high efficacy. Flonase, a prescription product, was being relaunched as an OTC – making it very important to ensure the brand connects with shoppers/ patients/ caregivers and keeps helping them with their allergies. As a result, high brand value and innovation was imperative for this OTC launch.

Packaging Features:

To help Flonase differentiate itself on the shelf and build on the brand equity it has already developed, a thermoformed sinusoidal flow designed PETG clamshell with a continuously varying non-planar seal was developed. A unique assembled inlay card provides patients highly engaging yet quick information.

A patent pending heat seal tooling technology was developed to seal the pack that has a continuously varying non-planar flange. In addition to these features, the Flonase packaging also features coined hinges, an aggressive snap closure, booklet retention features and a narrow flange that allows the packaging to have retail shelf stability.

Another innovative feature of the Flonase packaging is a white opaque PET film used for the inlay card outer cover instead of the traditional paper inserts. This makes the inlay booklet re-closeable which secures the information inside and additionally it also provides the balanced stiffness for easy handling & positioning by the automatic assembly line.

The packaging also helps protect the product itself, a glass bottle, by preventing damage or breakage that resulting from accidental drops.