As a packaging company that serves a broad range of industries, Plastic Ingenuity often creates product packaging for highly sensitive products and instruments. In this case, PI created secure, sanitary and strong product packaging designed to hold a large medical device used in hospitals.

Packaging Features:

Manufacturing medical packaging comes with its own unique challenges, especially for such sensitive materials as medical devices designed for hospital use. This type of product packaging has to be secure and sanitary, preventing contamination of the product inside while protecting it from potential accidents.

For this product, Plastic Ingenuity chose PETG, which is a common solution for pharmaceutical and medical packaging.  This material is PET with the addition of glycol, which prevents crystallization during the plastic thermoforming process. During plastic thermoforming, PET can crystallize, compromising the packaging and making it more liable to break. PETG prevents crystallization of any kind, making product packaging in this material impact resistant.

PETG is also more chemical resistant than PET, granting the product inside the packaging greater protection from a potentially corrosive or otherwise hazardous environment. In a hospital, this level of sanitation and security is critical to maintaining the integrity of a product.

Highly transparent and FDA-compliant, PETG is a useful substrate for any packaging company that manufactures for the food or medical industries. In this case, PI was able to create a safe and aesthetically-pleasing package suitable for protecting large, expensive equipment in a high-stakes environment.

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