Designed for outdoor applications, this custom packaging design combines eco-friendliness with high functionality. Orvis needed product packaging solutions that embraced their values of active, responsible outdoor sporting.

Packaging Features:

Creating this custom packaging design for Orvis posed a welcomed challenge for us. This product packaging, which holds fly fishing line, was designed in two pieces. The fishing line spools between the two pieces, and because they come apart, it is easier for the consumer to access and untangle the line during re-spooling. We made separating and assembling the package easier by designing it with indentations on either side that match up.

Particularly important to the design of this product packaging is its eco-friendliness. Thermoformed using recycled and recyclable materials, this packaging design prioritizes sustainability as well as functionality.

The outside of this custom packaging features thermoformed stacking lugs, which allow the parts to nest with each other during storage and shipping. The package previously used by Orvis did not have this nesting feature, which resulted in fewer packages fitting in a box. With the packages nested and stacked, shipping is safer and more efficient.

As is possible with many other packaging solutions, this packaging was thermoformed with the Orvis logo embossed on the outside for brand recognition. Our team is equipped to form a variety of materials and package types in this manner.

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