As a worldwide leader in hearing aid battery manufacturing, Rayovac needed a packaging company that could combine form and function. We created custom plastic packaging for an easy-to-use blister pack that helps consumers keep track of these small products.

Packaging Features:

Rayovac manufactures hearing aid batteries, which must be carefully contained in plastic packaging to prevent them from being misplaced. To keep the cost of product packaging down while making the batteries highly accessible, we designed and manufactured a PET plastic piece that would function as part of a blister pack.

Blister packs offer product security and visibility, taking up little space when the product is displayed. They are also a relatively inexpensive type of packaging, making it easier to keep product cost down in the competitive battery market.

In the case of Rayovac’s hearing aid batteries, the product is relatively small, requiring custom-fitted blister packaging that would hold each battery snugly and securely. This prevents the batteries from rattling inside the package or becoming easily lost when the package is opened.

With that in mind, our team designed the blister packaging with a spinning mechanism that works in tandem with the cardboard backing. A hinge on the back of the package opens, closes, and locks, allowing the consumer to remove batteries as needed and keep them securely contained otherwise. Once a battery has been removed from the plastic packaging, the consumer closes and locks the hinge and turns the plastic dial, leaving the next battery ready to be removed.

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Base: 1.725"
Depth: 0.328"