Custom packaging design has to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When our team designed new product packaging for battery manufacturer Rayovac, giving the company an edge in a competitive market was a top priority.

Packaging Features:

In highly competitive markets, it takes more than a quality product to leave an impression on consumers—it takes quality product packaging, as well. When Rayovac needed new custom packaging for its 30-pack of AAA batteries, we used market research to influence the design.

Studies have shown that consumers are 400 percent more likely to purchase batteries when they can see all of them from outside the package. This meant that in this particularly large bundle, all 30 batteries should be visible from the outside. To start, we chose PVC for the blister packaging, which offers high clarity with theft-deterring durability and strength. This meant that despite its heavy weight, the bundle of 30 could be packaged and hung on pegs together without concern.

When designing the blister packaging, we incorporated a small insert that would sit inside the package. Inserted behind the front row of batteries, this created a pedestal for the back row, enabling all 30 to be clearly seen from the outside instead of just the front 15.

This high quality, high security packaging design helps Rayovac’s product stand out in a retail environment. The design and implementation of the plastic insert enables PI and Rayovac to more effectively display the product in a way proven to increase consumer response.

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