Food products require a level of security that only thoughtful product packaging design can provide. Our team designed and manufactured an easy-to-use twist-and-lock package with a unique, tamper-evident security tab that lets you know if the package has been opened.


When designing a food package, our team prioritizes product security. One way in which we accommodate that is by using sanitary materials, like PET. PET is strong, secure, recyclable, and clear, allowing you to see your food without opening the package and keeping it free from contamination. Product packaging for food products also benefits from a locking mechanism of some kind, which prevents the lid from popping open unexpectedly. Our team prevented that potential issue in this packaging design by implementing a twist-and-lock function between the lid and base. The consumer simply pushes the lid down on the base and twists, which locks it into place; to unlock, they just twist it back and lift it off. This secures the relatively flexible plastic in place and keeps it from opening. This plastic packaging is particularly unique for its tamper-evident snap feature. When the locking lid is closed, the consumer can engage a small snapping mechanism that closes in place over the lid and base. If the package is opened, the snap breaks, demonstrating that it has been tampered with. Plastic packaging with tamper-evident seals are ideal for the food industry, as they give consumers the confidence that their purchase hasn’t been contaminated. To learn more about tamper-evident packaging design, contact our packaging engineers.










Base: 8.82" x 1.9" depth
Lid: 8.35" x 1.25" depth