Plastic Ingenuity created plastic trays for a company that manufactures personal grooming tools and accessories. When Wahl needed a custom packaging design for a new product, PI created a dynamic display that the company adopted on a large scale.

Packaging Features:

Wahl, a major manufacturer of personal and professional grooming clippers, was looking for a new type of product packaging. With the impending release of their Premium Lithium Ion Trimmer, they wanted to differentiate the product from their existing line. They enlisted Plastic Ingenuity to design a new package that would display the trimmer and its accessories while looking significantly different from past designs.

PI determined that plastic trays would be the most effective way of displaying not only the trimmer, but the array of accessories that accompany it. We worked with a U.S.-based printed plastic carton supplier to create Wahl’s first all-plastic package. This custom packaging design implemented two parts: The externally-manufactured carton, and the tray.

Plastic trays are useful in retail applications like this one because they are typically custom-fitted to the product. This enables the tray to snugly hold onto each uniquely shaped part, whether the package is displayed horizontally or vertically.

After custom-fitting the tray to the trimmer and its accessories, PI thermoformed it using a fluorescent green that provided dynamic contrast with the black and silver trimmer and accessories. Both the tray and the carton in the product packaging worked together to dynamically frame the product. Following the success of this product and its package, Wahl has switched more than 50 percent of its trimmer line to this same packaging design.

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