Sometimes, a packaging company faces design and manufacturing limitations based on the product they’re designing for. When a leading manufacturer of flammable products needed new packaging solutions, our team helped with a design that would be highly secure without using heat sealing.

Packaging Features:

Worthington Cylinders is a pressure cylinder and fuel tank manufacturer that needed new packaging solutions that would better showcase their retail products. The challenges in creating this new product packaging were that Worthington’s products are relatively heavy and contain flammable gas.

Our team was contacted by Worthington, who needed assistance creating custom product packaging that would meet all of the client’s needs. Using our experience with different materials and sensitive products, PI assisted in creating packaging solutions that would prove strong and secure enough.

To contain these products, we selected utility-grade PET plastic, which boasts both strength and high clarity. This allowed our packaging engineers to thermoform a custom shape that would provide a clear window to Worthington’s products. To protect the high-value and potentially dangerous products inside, we chose a highly secure clamshell design that would resist theft and tampering without sacrificing product visibility.

Because Worthington’s products are flammable, the product packaging would have to be sealed while exposing them to as little heat as possible. The material chosen by our experts was able to be UV-welded, creating a strong seal without heating the plastic and the product inside to an unsafe temperature.

Custom packaging solutions like this are often required to meet the unique needs of not only the client, but the client’s product. In Worthington Cylinder’s case, we were able to assist in designing an entire series of packages for their products while meeting their distinct criteria for security, safety, and visibility.

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Two piece


PET - Utility


Base: 13.62" x 12" x 3.6"
Lid: 13.62" x 12" x 1.37"