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Understanding Custom Packaging Options

Posted by rhelmke on Custom Packaging | Monday, June 18th, 2012 | 1 comments

As retailers continue to compete for the attention of consumers, a necessity for eye-catching packaging has increased.  Retailers often seek customized packaging for their goods in order to pique the interest of consumers.  Thermoformed packaging has become one of the top solutions   for custom packaging. This method is not only great for the retailer, as it creates custom molds and packaging for each item, but it also enhances the appearance of the items in the store. By using the latest technology in light gauge thermoforming, customized packaging can be achieved for a variety of merchandise.  There are four main types of custom thermoformed packaging  that can improve the appearance of such items. These custom packages include blister packs, trays, clamshells and trifold containers.   Blister Packaging This type of packaging is common in the retail and pharmaceutical industries.    Blister packaging provides the consumer with an easy way to identify and recognize the items, but also prevents the goods from being contaminated by keeping it sealed inside its container. Plastic Trays Trays are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.  This type of customized packaging...

The Difference Between Light and Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Posted by rhelmke on Food Packaging | Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 | 0 comments

When creating packages for a variety of items, there are numerous key factors to consider in the process and manufacturing of the packaging.  The first consideration most clients contemplate is the appearance of their product within the packaging.  This issue is quite important as it may determine whether an item will be purchased or not.  Second, will the packaging be functional in terms of holding the item correctly and protecting it from being broken, or possibly even stolen.  Lastly, the packaging needs to be durable, but at the same time appealing.  For this reason, there are two predominant thermoforming types:  light gauge and heavy gauge thermoforming. According to “Understanding Thermoforming” by James Throne, 80 percent of the North American thermoforming market is identified as packaging products, with light gauge thermoforming comprising the vast majority of this. Light Gauge Thermoforming In light gauge thermoforming, the thickness of the plastic is 1.5 mm or less and is usually roll fed into the thermoforming machine.   Next, heat is applied to the plastic and formed and trimmed based on the shape of the mold. ...

The Importance of Being the Brand

Posted by rhelmke on Custom Packaging | Monday, June 4th, 2012 | 0 comments

    Every person and every business has a unique personality. Families with a large number of children often comment on how each child has a unique disposition. Businesses are the same. A review of any industry segment provides hypersensitive cases where not only do these entities have unique personalities, but also strategies to actively separate each competitor from the others so customers recognize the best in the field. It’s all done in the name of brand recognition. The tendency to strive for a unique personality in the market, which business experts state leads to increased sales and revenue, appears ever so forcefully in the automotive industry. With branding, which includes such key elements as name, symbol and design, automotive manufacturers strive to lift the image of their brand above all the competition. Advertising often includes a favorable comparison of their car against all the other vehicles. Quality Counts Quality is a typical point of comparison in these advertising campaigns. But the image of quality has to be extended to the product, which in the case of auto manufacturers is...