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At Plastic Ingenuity, we are committed to improving the safety and shelf-value of our clients’ products. That’s why when Fresh-Aire UV approached us to create an improved packaging design for the Blue Tube UV, we knew we had to create something that fully protected the product inside while still remaining attractive for shelf value. Our design was well-received by both Fresh-Aire and the packaging community, and we are pleased to announce the Institute of Packaging Professionals has awarded us the 2014 AmeriStar Award in the industrial and commercial categories.


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Plastic Packaging Solution for the Blue Tube UV

Our plastic packaging solution incorporates increased crush and shock protection, reduced materials and an overall enhanced appearance. Our plastic packaging design does not require the previous stapling and taping for protection. Instead, our design uses two identical pieces that can snap into one another. This design is also shelf-friendly. Stores can display the Blue Tube UV standing up or on a peg hook. We also added information about the product directly on the packaging for easier readability for users. Overall, we aimed to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing plastic packaging for the Blue Tube UV.

Our packaging design has a bellow feature for better shock absorption if dropped, and it is resistant to biological and chemical agents. This plastic packaging design uses nested thermoformed trays, which allowed Fresh Aire UV to reduce warehouse space for the packaging by 70 percent, reducing nine to 10 pallets of materials for every 2,000 units produced.


Other Award Nominations

We will be recognized for our AmeriStar Award for the Blue Tube UV design on June 10 UBM Canon Trade Shows at EastPack in New York.

Because PI won the 2014 AmeriStar Award, we are now eligible for the World Packaging Organization’s WorldStar Packaging Awards. We are finalists for the Best of Show, Sustainability, and Design Excellence Award categories. Our design will also be featured at EastPack.


Looking Forward for Plastic Packaging

For PI, the AmeriStar Award is only the beginning of our capabilities. We are constantly seeking ways to innovate our products by introducing new technologies. While winning plastic packaging awards is not our primary goal, we are still proud of what we accomplished and hope to do more in the future. Check back here for the latest updates on our progress as a packaging company.


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