Benefits to Marketing with the Right Packaging

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Leo Burnett, a marketing pioneer, once commented on successful marketing strategies for companies with these insights: “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.” As businesses strive to innovate and bring new products to hungry customers, the difference between successful launches and failures is likely tucked away somewhere between simple and inviting. Thus, the primal purpose of any marketing team evolves as the company works to brand products that will hopefully bond with customer interests.

Entice Customers with a Memorable PackageMemorable Packaging

Key to making a product memorable is packaging design. A company like Coca-Cola or Anheuser-Busch exercises great effort to ensure its simple, inviting product is distributed clearly in very controlled packaging. In fact, the brand and logo are so recognizable that images of the package can be displayed on a race car moving over 200 miles an hour and fans still recognize the advertised product.

Packaging solutions for any product should be carefully evaluated as a key success factor for the marketing strategy. Think for instance how the selection of poorly planned packaging material might influence a product targeted to customers with a green agenda. This become an issue over a decade ago as music vendors felt a backlash from consumers and environmental groups for creating extremely wasteful products wrappings for CDs.

Selecting the Perfect Manufacturer for Your Product

Since so many products have unique dimensions, businesses should partner with a manufacturer that can design, create and manufacture custom packaging. Companies like Plastic Ingenuity, with over 40 years of experience, can help design and manufacture high-quality packaging for thousands of different products.

Designing packaging for a product is straightforward if the right skills, technologies and experience are available. A good firm will take the time to collect the voice of the customer and the vision of the product. Rather than simply accepting a specification, the designer conducts customer input sessions to study and understand the intent of the product. Using state-of-the-art design and prototyping equipment, the customer can quickly visualize the packaging with the new product. New prototyping technologies like fused deposition modeling machines quickly generate samples so customers can see and actually feel the solution.

Where customers find this so valuable to their success is the ability to test customer markets with the packaging solution and get it into the hands of prospective buyers. Feedback at this point of the process helps increase the chances of the product's acceptance and success. As changes or updates are identified, the new technology features make it simple to make adjustments.

What businesses find so valuable in this design to manufacturing process is the creativity of a company like Plastic Ingenuity at the design table. After helping thousands of companies utilize the latest materials and styles, these creative designers give a product the first best step toward success and a memorable impression to the public.

The Secrets of Successful Packaging


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