Breathe New Life into Your Product Sales with a New Package Design

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If you’re noticing waning sales of one of your products, one way to revitalize its numbers can be to introduce a new design on the package, or redesign the packaging altogether. Giving a product a fresh look can entice customers who have previously passed over your product to give it a second look—even if the contents of the package are the same. Take, for instance, popular hair care products or cosmetics brands—when they change the look of a certain product, be it shampoo, lipstick, or eye makeup, customers browsing that section of the store may take notice of the new look. We, as consumers, are sort of trained to remember certain packaging—for instance, we know what the standard ice cream container looks like. Imagine if instead of a round paper pint container, a brand changed their ice cream’s packaging to a small, plastic jar or tub? It could be the same product through and through, but you might give it a second look, wondering if the product is worth a try. So how can you make your product’s packaging more interesting?New-Life

Change the Shape

Changing the shape of the package also changes how your product looks on a store’s shelves. Switching from a cylinder to a cube shaped package will change the way your product looks to a buyer, and if they are used to seeing the old packaging, even the new shape may cause them to take notice and find out if they should give your product another chance. When your customers see that there is a new look, they might pick up the package, read what’s new (you may consider changing the copy, font, or overall text on the package as well), and decide to purchase the product, even if it wasn’t on their list.

Make it Transparent

If your product has, until now, been in an opaque package, consider switching to a transparent plastic package. This allows people to see what they are getting more clearly, and especially in the case of personal care products like hair care or cosmetics, and foods such as baked goods and produce, clear packaging can make the product more enticing.

More Options

Because the newer technologies allow for unique looking packages, you have more options for how to package your product. For instance, instead of packaging something like bandages or medicine in a cardboard box that consumers will open up and throw away once the product is gone, in the case of a reusable, durable thermoformed package, consumers can get more use out of the product. This can in turn create brand loyalty, especially if they find a way to reuse the packaging that is particularly relevant to their lifestyle. They will return to your product again and again, aware of the fact that your packaging isn’t a once-and-done endeavor.

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