Capri Sun Embraces Plastic Packaging

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We know how much consumers like products in transparent packaging. Now, the team at Capri Sun realizes that, too. After customers were telling story after story claiming they found mold in the beverage containers, Kraft, the parent company of the children’s beverage line, announced the beverages would now come with clear bottoms for increased transparency, both literally and figuratively. The company’s new line of packaging comes with a new tagline, too—“See the goodness before it’s gulped.” This recent campaign shows the company is committed to providing quality products for customers. If your company is contemplating the switch to clear plastic packaging for your products, now’s an ideal time to make the transition. Increased visibility can translate to increased user interest and, ultimately, sales.


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Benefits of Transparent Plastic Packaging for Food Products

While Kraft created Capri Sun’s new packaging design in part to dispel any notion that its beverages are spoiled, the change was a smart move anyway. Consumers want to be assured the food they are eating is fresh and hasn’t been tampered with, and transparent packaging can provide that. Clear plastic food packaging lets consumers see just how fresh the food inside is, which is especially important for produce items like pre-packaged salads and other vegetables. Similar to Capri Sun, consumers want the peace of mind knowing that the food they are purchasing is spoil-free. Transparent packaging shows you have confidence in your product and aren’t afraid to show that.

Transparent Plastic Packaging for Other Products

Transparent packaging goes beyond food and drinks, though. Many companies use transparent plastic packaging for cosmetics. Similar to foods, those who are purchasing cosmetics want to see exactly what kind of product they are purchasing. If the product is not visible, consumers do not know if it is true-to-color. This is especially important for cosmetics like foundation, blush or lipstick, as people want to make sure these products correctly match their skin tones. Transparent plastic packaging can provide similar benefits for other retail products, like electric razors. Consumers don’t like going into a purchase blind—after all, they want to be satisfied with what they are purchasing. With blister packaging, you can let them see the features of the product. By using an eye-catching graphics card, you can differentiate your product even more. Blister packaging also ensures your products are secure and safe, making them an overall optimal plastic packaging option for your company’s products.

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