Consumers Changing Their Tastes — Literally

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You know that we're always watching the trends here at PI, and this month, a few food-and-drink-related studies should be catching the eye of every packaging company in the industry—whether they make plastic food packaging or not. Packaging World has broken down the latest consumer research, which shines some light on how consumer attitudes may be changing—and we have ideas about what a packaging company like us can do about it.


Mamelle Soy Packaging

Mamelle Soy Packaging, Courtesy of Packaging World

Convenient Drink Options

Grab-and-go drinks like bottled water, soda, iced tea and energy drinks are growing in popularity, but that doesn't mean consumers are shopping indiscriminately. For example, consumers have indicated that they care about sustainability, particularly in single-serve bottled drinks like these—they have even indicated that they'd be willing to pay slightly more for plastic packaging that they knew was sustainable. Similarly, consumers are also gravitating more and more toward beverages labeled as "organic" or "natural," meaning bottle and label designs should save some real estate for advertising these benefits.[1]

Getting Adventurous with Food

Other research has shown that consumer attitudes toward food are changing, too. They're becoming more adventurous, more engaged and less bound by factors like tradition. Buying, preparing and enjoying food is becoming more of a focus for consumers, who value an engaging experience and memorable product over brand loyalties.[2] What does that mean for a packaging company?

When it comes to plastic food packaging, it means distinguishing yourself. Consumers are ready to explore whatever strikes them not just as appetizing, but as interesting—and that makes shelf appeal as critical as ever. Innovative designs and concepts will become as important as issues of sustainability, like minimizing food waste and improving recyclability, so suppliers and their packaging designers will have to be creative and practical at the same time.

Here at PI, we like to push ourselves—especially for a market as competitive as food packaging. We're just glad that consumers seem to appreciate an exciting package as much as we do.

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