Inside Packaging Part Four: Trifold Plastic Packaging

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Like clamshell packages, trifolds are hinged packages that snap themselves shut with molded enclosures. These intricate, complex packages do much more, though—instead of being flat with a single hinge, this type of plastic packaging has two hinges with a flat bottom. This gives you the option of standing your product up on a shelf, as well as the ability to hang it from a peg. Like all good things, there are tradeoffs, but trifolds are ultimately unique in their strength, versatility and appearance.

trifold plastic packagingSigned, Sealed, Delivered

Trifold packages offer a level of security comparable to clamshells, and are often utilized for high value or high risk products. By utilizing a strong, clear plastic like PVC, you give consumers a perfectly clear window into the package while giving yourself the option of sealing the package shut with radio frequency welding. This type of sealing, which melds the plastic together, gives you unparalleled security for whatever you're packaging.

Standing at Attention

Trifolds are unique in their ability to stand up. Unlike clamshells, which generally hang from pegs, this type of plastic packaging can either hang or stand up.  The tricky aspect of proper Trifold design is achieving balance in the product layout, as an imbalanced package is likely to tip over. At PI, our engineers and designers work with clients to make sure the products are visible and secure without sacrificing balance—it takes a little figuring out sometimes, but we never mind a challenge!

An Abundance of Plastic

The only caveat for product manufacturers is that trifold packaging is relatively more expensive than other types of packages. This is a simple matter of size, as their large, flat bottoms of trifolds use more plastic material than packages like clamshells or blisters.  Because of the increased size and multiple hinges, it may require a larger mold or machine to manufacture trifold packaging. This generally isn't prohibitive, since trifolds are often used to house high-value items anyway—the extra security is worth it.

The Secrets of Successful Packaging

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