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We can't help getting excited over the latest trends in plastic packaging. While other people are perfecting their fantasy baseball rosters and browsing the web, we're reading up on the latest recycling statistics and innovative design awards. And sometimes we pick up on cool trends we want to share.  In our new blog series, you'll learn about some of the hottest and latest trends in the plastic packaging industry, and how they have an impact on other industries, too.

Part One: Study Shows Consumers Prefer "Clamming Up"

clamshell packagingClamshell packaging is just one of the designs that we specialize in at PI, and apparently, we're not the only ones that think it's pretty special. According to a recent study, consumers enjoy clamshell package as much as we do—in fact, they like it a whole lot more than paperboard packaging.

A behavioral study conducted by Klockner determined that when given a choice between a clear clamshell package and a paperboard package containing the same product, the clamshell was significantly more effective at grabbing and keeping attention—and inspiring purchases. Consumers found clamshells faster than paperboard packages, they looked at them more often and they looked at them for longer periods of time—in fact, they fixated on them for more than 340 percent longer than they did the paperboard packages. In the end, clear clamshell packages were chosen for purchase more than 400 percent more than identical products in paperboard packages.

Why Clamshells are King

As a plastic manufacturer that knows our way around a clamshell, we can help explain their dominance in a retail environment. Clamshell packaging is most often made out of PET or PVC, which are particularly clear materials that give customers a perfect window to the product. The contents of the package can be clearly seen from almost any angle, and similarly, paper inserts are perfectly visible.

In the hands of a skilled plastic manufacturer, the thermoformed construction of a clamshell package stands out as a mark of quality. The package is securely sealed, which conveys to the consumer not only that the contents are safe, but also that they are valuable. The security, sleek style and eye-catching visibility is attractive to consumers in practically every way, which is why in the aforementioned study, they got 675 percent more fixations than paperboard packaging. Now those kind of numbers are hard to argue with—have you considered how you could integrate clamshells with your product line?

The rise of clamshell packaging is just one of the big conversation starters we have lined up for you, so keep checking back to see what else is making waves in the world of plastic manufacturing.

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