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There's more inside a plastic package than meets the eye. Inherent in every package design is the care, precision and engineering that went into creating it. Of course, no single type of package is ideal for every type of product—each package type has distinct strengths and weaknesses. That's why here at PI, we specialize in crafting packages of all different sizes and styles—and now, we want to share what we know with you.

With our new blog series on the different types of packaging, you'll learn all about what makes each package unique, and what goes into manufacturing them. Once you do, you'll have a better understanding of what we do here at PI—though we wouldn't recommended trying it at home!

Rayovac Blister PackPart One: Blister Packaging

Blister packaging didn't get its name because it hurts your fingers—in fact, quite the opposite is true. All kinds of everyday products come in blister packaging, and even if you haven't heard of it before, you'd easily recognize it if you saw it.

This type of packaging is like a plastic half-shell. The plastic part, usually made from PVC or PET for optimum clarity, doesn't close on itself—it's only half the equation. The plastic is carefully molded so the product fits snugly inside, then another piece of material—usually cardboard backing or foil—seals it shut. Action figures, makeup accessories and medicine often come in blister packaging, as it's inexpensive and secure while giving consumers superior clarity for product viewing.

For its clarity, strength, inexpensive production and versatility, consumers and product manufacturers continually use blister packs. There's only one group for whom blisters can be tricky: The plastic packaging company. Blisters can be tricky to work with, and not all plastic manufacturers know how best to mold these packages, and the quality from one manufacturer to the next varies significantly. That's why at PI, we stick with techniques that have been proven over time to create an inexpensive product without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Of course, blister packs are just one type of the packaging that we manufacture at PI. Keep checking back for more about the various types of packaging that we make and that you rely on every day!

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