Medical Packaging Best Practices

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At Plastic Ingenuity, we routinely produce customized medical packaging designs. Whether you’re seeking packaging for medical trays, unit dose packages, testing kits or anything else, you’ll need a company that follows the best practices for medical products. Here, we’ve outlined the key factors to consider every medical packaging company should adhere to, as well as what you need for exceptional customized designs. Consult this list as you decide which company could produce your medical packaging.

What to Look for in a Medical Packaging Company

As you search for a company to produce your medical packaging items, you will need to assess a variety of factors. The following are some of the leading considerations an exceptional medical packaging company will have:

Clean room facilities

Your medical packaging designs must be handled in a highly sterile environment, so you will need a packaging company that can meet these needs. Leading packaging companies will have clean room facilities with ISO 9001: 2008 certifications, as well as positive pressure HVAC systems with HEPA filtration and expertly handled trimming process, to produce medical packaging in a clean, pure way that reduces contaminated particles.

100 percent traceability

Your medical packaging company should be able to provide details for every step of the packaging creation process, from the beginning material acquisition all the way to final production, to ensure the process is controlled and reduce the likelihood of contamination throughout production. An all-inclusive packaging company can provide the traceability you need for your medical packaging.

Experienced staff

You need a company that has extensive experience in creating packaging designs—one that knows the challenges associated specifically with medical packaging designs. As you look for your packaging team, inquire about their packaging technicians’ background in medical thermoforming.

Rapid prototyping capabilities

When you need prototyped designs quickly, you’ll want reassurance that your packaging company can process the job with speed and professional skill. Ask prospective companies what experience they have in creating prototyping packaging designs.

Adherence to latest medical packaging practices

Packaging standards are constantly evolving— and the best packaging companies comply accordingly. The company you choose to produce your medical packaging should consistently be making critical advances in their packaging processes through new practices and state-of-the-art technology.

Custom Medical Packaging Designs

Medical packaging is often custom by nature for the highly specialized medical devices inside. The right medical packaging company will provide extreme attention to detail when completing your one-of-a-kind designs. They should offer various packaging designs, including clamshell, blister and more, to best meet your specific needs. To further the customization of your design, search for a company that provides multiple plastic types, including HIPS, PVC and PETG. Finally, these designs should be easy to open to match the fast-paced applications for which they’ll be used.

Have questions about what you should look for in a packaging company? Contact Plastic Ingenuity for additional information about the best practices for medical packaging.

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