Packaging Particulars Part 3: Electronics

Posted by Rob Helmke | Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2 Comments

Electronics concentrate high value into a small product, which poses a unique challenge to plastic manufacturers responsible for advising companies on how best to package the product. Consumers have to be able to clearly see the product from outside the plastic packaging, but the packaging must also be adequately secure to prevent theft. And these aren't even the only challenges inherent to the design and manufacture of packaging for electronics. At PI, we've seen and done it all—here are just a few of the considerations that regularly accompany this type of plastic manufacturing.

electronics packagingStatic Reduction in Electronics Product Packaging

Consumer electronics can be negatively affected by static charge buildup, and if your plastic manufacturer isn't careful, the packaging process can contribute negatively. At PI, we work around that potential detriment by establishing our own processing procedures, which dissipate static charges to reduce the impact on delicate electronic systems. If it weren't for these special procedures, the static generated by the manufacturing process could potentially harm the product—so we don't take any chances!

Visibility and Security

PETG plastics are a popular choice for electronics product packaging. PETG is perfectly transparent, so consumers can get a clear and up-close look at what's inside, but it also has the strength to resist breaking on impact, making it secure enough for high-value items. This and other substrate types used in plastic packaging for electronics typically must be tightly sealed and tear-resistant, so they cannot be inconspicuously opened in-store. An electronic device the size of your fingernail can be worth hundreds, so it has to be packed tightly.

Quick Turnaround Time

Consumer electronics are a competitive, rapidly changing industry, so electronic developers and the plastic manufacturers that make their packaging have to work quickly. No matter what style of packaging and what material is being used, the manufacturer has to be equipped to design, prototype and mass-produce it in a short amount of time. At PI, we accommodate this with complete vertical integration, so we can perform every step of the process in-house. However a product packaging manufacturer does it, they have to do it quickly to keep up with this fast-paced industry.

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