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Posted by Rob Helmke | Tuesday, July 16, 2013 1 Comment

The packaging design experts here at PI like to stay tuned-in to what's new in the world of product packaging, so this month we're focusing on the latest and biggest news. We're going to look at the latest trends in the industry, the plastic packaging shakeups and the consumer research that's setting the tone for product packaging designers everywhere. That said, our first entry is focusing on a question that packaging design professionals ask themselves and each other all the time: What do you know about your audience?

The Millennial Question

From market research focus groups to the cover of Time magazine, millennials are the demographic on every marketer's mind. This generation of approximately 80 million young people now occupies the ever-critical age range between 18 and 35 years old, making them a popular topic of conversation for marketers and designers alike.

Product packaging designers are as focused on millennial values as anyone, and it shows in the way that they analyze the group. Research shows that millennials care about value more than brands, they prefer experiential and exciting products and they value customization opportunities[1]. Now, how a packaging design team may use that information is up to them. The bigger point, and the one we want to focus on now, is how critical it is to know your audience and create product packaging that engages it.

Understanding Demographics

We've mentioned here on the PI blog that knowing your audience is a high priority, whether or not they're millennials. Boomers, parents, teens, children, college students—the list goes on and on, and developing a sense of your target audience requires a product packaging manufacturer to think critically and set priorities.

While developing a packaging design targeted for one specific group may be an effective way to reach them, does it devalue the product for other groups? A product packaging manufacturer has to tread a very fine line when targeting its audience or audiences—sometimes those groups overlap, and sometimes they don't. And the only way to make those judgment calls? Know your audience—your entire audience—whoever they may be.

Check back soon for another look at what's new in the world of packaging design.

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