Packaging Trend: Innovative Convenience for Food and Beverage

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At PI, we like to stay in touch with consumer trends. We’ve already told you that consumers prefer products that come in convenient plastic packaging, and that is truer than ever.

Convenience for the customer is nothing new for packaging—after all, food packaging designers are usually most concerned with creating easy-to-consume food or drink packaging designs.

Lately, however, companies are combining eye-catching designs with innovative plastic packaging to create truly desirable products. It’s not enough anymore for companies to create any packaging model: they have to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and ask, “What do my customers want, and how can I stand out from the crowd to get them to choose my product?” Now, we have companies packaging their foods in even more handy and inventive ways. See how your company can create convenient packaging your consumers will love.Transparent Plastic Food Packaging

Why Pre-Packaged Food Products are Popular with Consumers

The average American doesn’t have excess time to cook and prepare elaborate breakfast, lunches and dinners every day. With only 5.1 hours of leisure time during an average day, the heads of households may not want to spend excess time planning and cooking meals when they could be spending it with family and friends. By offering foods in stock plastic packaging containers, your company can meet those needs. Many companies have taken note of this trend. Healthy Choice introduced its Fresh Mixer meal creations a few years ago and has since replaced the line with Cafe Steamers. Hormel has recently created its Rev Wraps for wrap-style sandwiches to eat no matter where you are. These types of packaging styles are popular because they cater to consumers’ exact needs.

How to Package Your Items for Convenience

When it comes to food, people rely on convenience to accommodate their busy day-to-day lifestyles. By using stock plastic packaging, you can easily create dinners-on-the-go for customers. Deli foods like pasta salad and potato salad are common favorites amongst consumers.  For those who are only eating for one, you may want to offer sandwiches and salads in clamshell packaging to eliminate waste.

Restaurants can also take advantage of the food convenience trend. Today, 44 percent of Americans order take-out food once a week and 20 percent do twice a week. When consumers get to-go food from restaurants, they have one less thing to worry about for the day. You can package popular menu items like salads or burgers in clamshell packaging for another simplified dinner option.

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