7 Key Points to Consider for Food Packaging

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The Importance of Sterile Packaging

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Every day, hospitals and other medical institutions and other rely on devices and pharmaceuticals to maintain the health of patients—and all these products must have highly sterile packaging. All packaging must be safe and clean for use, but in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, this is especially important. Items like syringes, as well as containers for medication, must be processed in facilities that are free of harmful particulate matter to create designs that meet packaging validations and produce a barrier from harmful bacteria.


Clear, Plastic Food Packaging Drives Sales, Report Says

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A report suggests that plastic could become the clear choice for many food packaging designs. According to a Wall Street Journal, clear plastic packaging enhances consumer interaction with products and, ultimately, drives sales. At Plastic Ingenuity, we strongly support clear plastic packaging, whether it be for clamshell or other designs. Wondering why clear plastic packaging is proving to be advantageous for many food brands? We’ve analyzed this trend and provided suggestions for your own food packaging designs.


Plastic Trays for the Medical Industry

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Medical parts need protective barriers against outside elements. At Plastic Ingenuity, we produce custom tray packaging solutions for medical parts of all kinds. To create the best packaging designs for the medical industry, we follow a foundation of clean room practices to produce of customized designs, no matter for what the devices are being utilized.


Medical Packaging Best Practices

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At Plastic Ingenuity, we routinely produce customized medical packaging designs. Whether you’re seeking packaging for medical trays, unit dose packages, testing kits or anything else, you’ll need a company that follows the best practices for medical products. Here, we’ve outlined the key factors to consider every medical packaging company should adhere to, as well as what you need for exceptional customized designs. Consult this list as you decide which company could produce your medical packaging.


Clamshell Packaging for the Food Industry

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Many companies in the food industry choose clamshell designs for their numerous advantages, including exceptional food protection, lower production costs, and much more. At Plastic Ingenuity, we’ve helped both food companies and restaurants develop the packaging they need for their products. Examine the benefits of clamshell packaging for the food industry.


Which Packaging Design Is Best For Your Products?

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PI specializes in food and retail packaging, and recently we’ve unveiled seven new designs that meet the specifications for both markets. Examine each design’s benefits and how they could be advantageous to your company’s products—and see why you may want to start using them.


5 Reasons to Partner with an SQF Certified Packaging Company

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The Safe Quality Food certification has become a hot topic in the packaging industry. As an SQF-certified company, PI values the importance of food safety and believes it to be a crucial consideration for the packaging process. Here, we’ve outlined the definition of the SQF standard, as well as the advantages of using an SQF-certified company for your plastic packaging.


Why Thin Gauge Leads Packaging Markets

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Types of Thermoformed Plastic Packaging Designs and Their Advantages

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