PET Packaging for Beverages

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PET containers are used in a variety of applications, but most notably to store liquids and food. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which has a number of benefits for consumers who regularly purchase food and drinks in plastic containers. Many of the packages are thermoformed, while drinking bottle and other narrow-necked containers are generally blow molded.

If you come across a bottle with a number 1 on the bottom or side, you’ll know it’s made from PET.


Reasons to Choose PET Packaging

  • It’s safe. PET does not contain BPA, which is a plastic by-product that consumers have been told repeatedly to stay away from. PET containers are also shatterproof, so dropped bottles don’t create a mess. Another benefit is the cost saved from damage to stock in transit. With the durable nature of the plastic, accidents on route to stores are less likely to occur.
  • The lightweight material is convenient. You won’t find an item that is more portable and disposable. Enjoy a meal out at the lake or take a PET-based water bottle on your next run. The lightweight nature of the product means you are less likely to notice it in your bag, and you can always toss it away at the next recycling receptacle you find.
  • It’s great for wine storage. Forget traditional glass wine bottles. Enjoy transporting your wine to a picnic without worrying that the bottle will break. With an equally as long-lasting shelf life, you might switch all your plastic needs to PET when the products become available.
  • It has efficient and effective barriers. Your sodas stay fizzy in a PET package because of the innovative barrier design. Especially when compared to other plastic products, PET stands up to the barrier test many times over the next leading plastic packaging material.
  • It’s non-toxic. The plastic won’t pose a threat to the skin, and inhaling it is not dangerous at any point in the production process.


Items to Look for In PET Packaging

Because of the multitude of PET packaging benefits, many industries are switching to durable plastic from their traditional package designs. Look for these items in PET containers next time you’re out shopping for groceries or other items:

  • Condiments
  • Wine
  • Water
  • Sodas
  • Produce
  • Frozen foods
  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Toothpastes


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