Plastic Ingenuity Wins 2008 SPE Gold Award

Posted by Rob Helmke | Friday, May 8, 2009 0 Comments

Plastic Ingenuity Wins 2008 SPE Gold AwardCross Plains, WI: - Plastic Ingenuity was honored at the 2008 SPE Thermoforming Division annual conference with the prestigious “Gold Award” in the medical category for their SafeEdge package design. The competition is judged by peers and experts in the thermoforming industry which makes this award extremely rewarding.

SafeEdge is an industry first, based on its inward flange technology that eliminates the sharp edges found on a typical thermoformed tray. It was designed specifically for the medical industry to address the growing number of sterile breaches due to pouch punctures.

Many medical device manufacturers require the rigidity of a tray for packaging, however, this tray is often placed inside a pouch versus a die cut lid to reduce cost. The interaction between the sharp flange of the rigid tray and the pouch can cause a breach of the sterile barrier. SafeEdge greatly reduces, or eliminates, this negative interaction.

To execute the inward flange technology, Plastic Ingenuity utilized its expertise in thermoform machine building, thermoforming, and tool building to design and build a specialized inward flange thermoforming machine to produce this unprecedented plastic package.

Winning the SPE Gold Award for SafeEdge is an honor for Plastic Ingenuity, who has been providing innovative thermoforming solutions since 1972. For more information, or a sample of the SafeEdge tray, contact Plastic Ingenuity at 608-798-3071 or visit

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