Plastic Packaging Options for Optimal Security

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 In the packaging and retail industries, product security is a very big concern. It’s essential for safety and profit alike that products being sold and shipped arrive at their destination safely and unmarred. It’s also important that once these products are on the shelves, their packaging is tamper resistant.Plastic packaging design is secure

Importance of Innovative Design

Innovative design is important when packaging products for retail sale. In the retail world, consumers have so many choices between nearly identical products that in some cases, the deciding factor may be eye-catching packaging or something else that seems minor at first, but is in fact very important. Innovative design can mean anything from using a less-popular material to construct the packaging to creating it in a custom shape with thermoforming, or vacuum forming. When you’re considering what to do with your plastic packaging project, there are nearly endless opportunities to customize the process for maximum impact on customers and your business’ bottom line.

Types of Retail Packaging to Choose From

There are a variety of different options to choose from when picking a style of package. Depending on what you are selling, there may be a clear choice for which is the best for your product.

For instance, blister packaging is a very secure choice, as they seal on the edges and, without a tool to cut them open, are highly resistant to theft and damage. Blister packs are a very strong option and are ideal for products that should not move around much within their packaging. Blister packaging is very inexpensive to produce, and comes in a variety of sizes. It allows consumers to easily see the product, yet keeps it secure and protected against damage. This type of packaging is ideal for placement on shelves/pegs, and can be custom fit to your specific product. One disadvantage, though, is that these packages require heat sealing—great for security, but another step to worry about in the production process.

Other packaging options for retail products include:

  • Ideal for products that need to stand at 90 degrees; these packages have the ability to hang on a peg, yet are not as clean of a frame as a clamshell.
  • Perhaps the most popular retail packaging, these packages offer companies the best method for displaying many products, and because they are formed to the exact product, they are great for protecting it.
  • Twist & Lock. These packages feature a simple locking feature, wherein the lid is twisted to close and open the package. These can include spill resistant barriers as well as tamper-evident features.
  • Stock Food Packaging. Typically used in deli situations or other food applications where tamper evidence is required. These packages are great for showing the consumer the exact product they’re buying.

Not sure what kind of packaging is best for your product? Contact Plastic Ingenuity today for more information about the variety of plastic packaging services available.

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