Plastic Packaging Trends for 2014: How Much Does Size Matter?

Posted by Rob Helmke | Tuesday, January 28, 2014 0 Comments

You don't have to work for a packaging company to know that every piece of custom plastic packaging should be specifically tailored to what goes in it. You don't even need to be an expert to understand the importance of plastic packaging that appeals specifically to a certain audience. What many can easily forget, though, is that it doesn't matter just what you're selling, or who you're selling it to—it matters where you're selling it.

Tailoring Your Plastic Packaging to the Store

Are you selling the same exact product in the same exact plastic packaging in every type of store? You could be missing opportunities, according to a recent study. This study, reported in Packaging News, shows that UK consumers are increasingly making repeat shopping trips to smaller stores throughout the week, rather than making one weekly trip to a larger store. Because of the limited resources of smaller, convenience-style stores, they aren't always a good fit for products that go well in larger grocery stores.

Smaller stores, for example, have limited shelf space, so packaging companies can't depend on large displays to catch the consumer's eye or communicate value. Similarly, because smaller stores have limited space for stocking product and receive shipments less frequently than large stores, over sized plastic packaging means that the store simply can't have as much of your product on-hand. In both of these cases, a packaging company can circumvent the potential issues by designing smaller, more efficient plastic packaging that has ample space for messaging.

Planning Your Product Portions

Looking for a simple way to make a convenience store-ready package that doesn't interfere with your branding? Rethink your portions.

One trend that has shown staying power is offering your product in two types of plastic packaging: small and efficient, and multi-packs. The former are perfect for use in small stores that don't have the same inventory or shelving capabilities as larger ones, while the latter are ideal for large stores, where consumers are more likely to shop for supplies that will last a week or longer.

Naturally, it all depends on your packaging company and the product you're selling, but it seems like in 2014, one motto to remember for your plastic packaging is that size matter.

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