Plastic Trays for the Medical Industry

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Medical parts need protective barriers against outside elements. At Plastic Ingenuity, we produce custom tray packaging solutions for medical parts of all kinds. To create the best packaging designs for the medical industry, we follow a foundation of clean room practices to produce of customized designs, no matter for what the devices are being utilized.

Adherence to Clean Room Standards

Medical devices must be sterile when used during procedures. If packaging companies introduce contaminants during the production process, devices may be compromised and unsafe to use. To ensure products remain in a pure state, they must be processed in a clean room packaging environment that does not allow impurities to enter at any step of packaging creation.

Clean rooms, which should be ISO Class 8 to ensure maximum sterility, should utilize positive pressure HVAC systems that are supported by HEPA filtration. Clean rooms should also have exceptional trimming processes in place to allow for clean trims on every run. To ensure all these processes run seamlessly during your plastic tray design, your packaging company should have seasoned staff with years of experience of packaging in clean room environments.

Customized Thermoformed Tray Designs

Medical parts are unique—and they need plastic packaging to match. Syringes, scalpels and other devices come in all shapes and sizes, so companies must find custom packaging trays that fit each one specifically. Your packaging company should be able to produce designs specifically developed to your products’ unique shapes. As you work with a packaging team, ask for multiple customized tray designs to decide which one will work best.

Creating a Sterile Environment

In medical environments, including hospitals, clinics and more, the facilities must be completely sterile to ensure the safety of patients—and medical devices play a huge role in this sanitary environment. The best medical packaging inhibits the opportunity for bacterial growth, as well as the opportunity for moisture to enter. When you work with a certified medical packaging company, you’ll know the medical institution’s staff can use the products with confidence that the parts meet the appropriate cleanliness standards.

In addition, because plastic tray packaging is easy and safe to open, it can lower the risk of injury that would ultimately lead to non-sterile environments. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff can access devices without worrying about cuts or other injuries.

Getting Started on your Plastic Tray Packaging Project

Medical parts must arrive to institutions without any outside tampering—and the right plastic packaging design can assure this happens. Customized plastic tray packaging utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide the solution medical devices need to remain in strict sanitation standards. After you have found the packaging company to create your medical tray designs, they will help you produce packaging that meets all these requirements.

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