Walmart’s Packaging Playbook: How it Impacts Your Retail Packaging

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When designing packaging that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, packaging engineers often look to end users for important feedback. Consumer opinions can be challenging for manufacturers to access, however, since the retail industry functions as a middleman.

Retailers have excellent insight into consumers’ preferences, so it’s important for engineers in the custom retail packaging industry to pay attention to retailer decisions and developments, like Walmart’s influential Sustainable Packaging Playbook.


Eastalite™ Medical Packaging Debuts at MD&M East

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Creative Designs for Food Packaging

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Breathe New Life into Your Product Sales with a New Package Design

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Vacuum-Formed Packaging for Product Protection

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How to Develop a Packaging Design

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Clear, Plastic Food Packaging Drives Sales, Report Says

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A report suggests that plastic could become the clear choice for many food packaging designs. According to a Wall Street Journal, clear plastic packaging enhances consumer interaction with products and, ultimately, drives sales. At Plastic Ingenuity, we strongly support clear plastic packaging, whether it be for clamshell or other designs. Wondering why clear plastic packaging is proving to be advantageous for many food brands? We’ve analyzed this trend and provided suggestions for your own food packaging designs.


How Companies Create Special Edition Plastic Packaging

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How Companies have Created Limited-Time Packaging

The World Cup has been taking the globe by storm this summer—and the packaging community has taken note. Companies like McDonald’s, Budweiser, Gillette and many others have branded their products for this worldwide event—and with good reason. Limited-edition packaging is an ideal way to reach both long-time and brand new consumers because it’s specifically targeted to their interests, or they may just be intrigued by the idea of a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime packaging design. Either way, special-release packaging can create a big impact for your company. See how some of the leading brands in various industries have been successful with limited-edition packaging—and how you can create your own plastic packaging for enhanced market performance.


Creating Plastic Packaging That’s Ready for Retail Markets

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Plastic Ingenuity specializes in helping companies create customized packaging designs, and throughout our experience, we have noticed that plastic packaging needs to meet various requirements to ensure it performs well in stores. A product’s packaging needs to be practical, protective and composed of the top plastic materials, all while having a memorable branded design. To help you create a packaging design that’s ready for retail markets, consider the following ideas.


The Function of Plastic Packaging

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