Walmart’s Packaging Playbook: How it Impacts Your Retail Packaging

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When designing packaging that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, packaging engineers often look to end users for important feedback. Consumer opinions can be challenging for manufacturers to access, however, since the retail industry functions as a middleman.

Retailers have excellent insight into consumers’ preferences, so it’s important for engineers in the custom retail packaging industry to pay attention to retailer decisions and developments, like Walmart’s influential Sustainable Packaging Playbook.


How Polyethylene Packaging Can Benefit You

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Packaging Challenges: Innovations in Sustainability

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No matter how iconic your product packaging becomes, there's always room for innovation—especially when it comes to improving sustainability. As leaders in the plastic packaging design industry, we at PI are always researching and experimenting with new ways to make our products more eco-friendly. While we look for viable ways of improving our use of plastic, another notable name with a highly recognizable packaging design is taking its experimenting to a novel—but potentially impractical—extreme.


Packaging Challenges: Making Your Packaging Do More

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We work with a variety of substrates here at PI, including highly recyclable ones like PET, so we know the value of using sustainable materials. Product packaging made out of recyclable materials reduces waste and ultimately makes plastics better for the environment, but manufacturing with recyclable and repurposed materials is only part of the equation.


Packaging in the News: Recycling Code Arrows to be Phased Out

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Using PET: The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Packaging

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When taking into account plastic packaging types, it's important to think about what kind of material you're using. The proper plastic can serve as a secure and valuable solution for your business needs, but there's more the right plastic can offer.


Benefits to Marketing with the Right Packaging

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Leo Burnett, a marketing pioneer, once commented on successful marketing strategies for companies with these insights: “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.” As businesses strive to innovate and bring new products to hungry customers, the difference between successful launches and failures is likely tucked away somewhere between simple and inviting. Thus, the primal purpose of any marketing team evolves as the company works to brand products that will hopefully bond with customer interests.


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