Consumer Trends for Packaging Part 2

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New Blog Series: Consumer Trends for Packaging

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Rigid Plastic Beverage Industry Growing

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New Study: Plastic Food Packaging Influences Product Choice

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As much as the designers and engineers here at PI like to be creative when coming up with new packaging solutions, a packaging company like us can't ignore data. After all, we're not creating solutions for us—we're creating them for consumers, and brands that market themselves to consumers. So what does the latest data reveal about what people look for in their plastic food packaging?


Why Packaging Companies Should Think Disruptively

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With Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013 right around the corner, you can expect to hear plenty about packaging companies trying to create disruptive innovations. These are the game-changing packaging solutions that do more than look good on a shelf—they allow the entire industry to evolve. What does it mean for plastic packaging in general, though, and how much should we push for extreme innovation in our field?


Packaging Challenges: The Transumer Trend

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Here at PI, our plastic packaging design team faces unique challenges all the time. As consumer trends and priorities change with the times, packaging companies like us need to adapt and stay versatile. That's why this month, we're focusing on some of the biggest and most recent challenges faced by today's packaging design industry. We'll be looking at what consumers like, what they need and what a packaging company has to do to keep up. Our first entry is focusing on a consumer trend that's reshaping plastic packaging.


Packaging Challenges: Creating Safe Pharmaceutical Packaging

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As specialists in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, we at PI know that creating safe and secure designs for products like medications comes with its own special challenges. You need not only a clean room and uniquely-hygienic manufacturing equipment like ours for safe production, but also designs that allow users to access their medications without posing a threat to children. Just like us, any packaging company working for this industry must have expertise not only in manufacturing, but in design, as well—and this can pose a true challenge. 


Packaging in the News: A Lesson from a Can of Spam

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Even if you've never tried it, almost everyone is familiar with Spam—that stalwart icon of the grocery store's canned meat section. In 1937, Spam was introduced in its highly recognizable pop-top can, and for 75 years, very little changed—until now. For the first time in its long history, Spam is significantly experimenting with its product packaging. More specifically, it's introducing plastic packaging alongside its classic metal containers. What does it mean? What can packaging companies learn from it? The experts at PI wanted to take a closer look.


New Blog Series: Packaging in the News

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The packaging design experts here at PI like to stay tuned-in to what's new in the world of product packaging, so this month we're focusing on the latest and biggest news. We're going to look at the latest trends in the industry, the plastic packaging shakeups and the consumer research that's setting the tone for product packaging designers everywhere. That said, our first entry is focusing on a question that packaging design professionals ask themselves and each other all the time: What do you know about your audience?


Consumer Trends Part 5: Renewed Focus on Shelf Appeal

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As we wrap up our consumer trends series, we want to focus on something that affects every single business manufacturing retail products: Shelf appeal. Shelf appeal, of course, is the ability for the product packaging to entice the consumer—and in recent years, engineering it has become more complicated.


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