Designing Emergency Response Medical Packaging

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Emergency response medical devices are utilized in a wide range of applications, from hospital emergency rooms and ambulances to emergency first-aid kits and natural disaster areas.

No matter the specific scenario, however, medical device packaging must adhere to a number of quality and safety specifications.

While sterility and quality are top concerns, several other factors must be considered as well.

In emergency scenarios, the difference between life and death can be a matter of seconds, so packaging must be able to be opened quickly and easily while remaining tamper-evident for optimal sterility.

Also, emergency rooms, field triage centers, and ambulances all thrust caregivers into hectic work conditions, making clear labeling a high priority.

Finally, emergency response in the field — both for ambulance operation and natural disaster response — necessitates packaging that effectively protects medical devices during transport and challenging operational conditions.


Healthpack 2017 Recap: Three Trends to Watch for in Healthcare Packaging

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Earlier this month in Denver, Plastic Ingenuity got the chance to attend HealthPack 2017 — one of the country’s leading conferences for medical device packaging professionals, from directors and managers to packaging engineers and R&D team members.


How Medical Device Packaging Protects Life-Saving Devices

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Although the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry is varied and complex, it’s dominated by three main types of packaging:


PETG for Crystal Clear, Impact-Resistant Packaging

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Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) are two similar acronyms representing two very distinct materials. Both of these substances comprise plastics commonly used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, but their differences in chemical compositions — that is, the addition of glycol — gives PETG more favorable characteristics for highly sensitive packaging applications.


Do You Use Long Catheter Trays?

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Plastic Ingenuity redesigned the packaging for the implantable device in a percutaneous catheter delivery system. This thermoformed long catheter tray is larger than the standard catheter tray, with an advanced design that features roll-fed production, an additional perforated hinge, a snap feature, as well as eliminating the need for multiple die cuts.


Eastalite™ Medical Packaging Debuts at MD&M East

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Plastic Packaging that Ensures Safe Pharmaceuticals

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Packaging Specifications for Food, Medical, and Retail Items

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Packaging standards are constantly evolving to provide consumers with the safest, most secure products possible. At Plastic Ingenuity, we are committed to educating ourselves on the latest packaging specifications across various industries. Here, we’ve outlined explanations of packaging standards for three different product types: food, medical and retail. Consult with our list to determine what to discuss with your packaging company for your specific products.


The Importance of Sterile Packaging

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Every day, hospitals and other medical institutions and other rely on devices and pharmaceuticals to maintain the health of patients—and all these products must have highly sterile packaging. All packaging must be safe and clean for use, but in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, this is especially important. Items like syringes, as well as containers for medication, must be processed in facilities that are free of harmful particulate matter to create designs that meet packaging validations and produce a barrier from harmful bacteria.


Plastic Trays for the Medical Industry

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Medical parts need protective barriers against outside elements. At Plastic Ingenuity, we produce custom tray packaging solutions for medical parts of all kinds. To create the best packaging designs for the medical industry, we follow a foundation of clean room practices to produce of customized designs, no matter for what the devices are being utilized.


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